Up to Speed Graphics & Photography was put in existence in 2012 by an 18 year old Student and Female 358 Sprint Car driver. The name Up to Speed Graphics & Photography came from the love and passion of Racing. Ashley Cappetta the owner of Up to Speed had a strong passion for art since she was a little girl. She started from finger painting to creating images on Photoshop. Ashley has taken art class every year since the 1st grade. The last year of middle school her decision was set to become a graphic designer. She selected as many graphics class her first year of high school as possible she took 2 with finishing graphic design electives her sophomore year of high school. Junior year she took an independent graphics class as well as her senior year. Not only did she take graphics classes but she took art classes to improve her drawing skills her sophomore year as well as her junior and senior year. Ashley has had several art awards in her educational years. In 2013 Ashley will be going to The Art Institute of York.

8th Grade- Design an AD Winner
8th Grade- Best of Show for Realistic Painting
10th Grade- Best of Show for Recyclable Art Project
10th Grade- Recognition Award for Recyclable Art at Gettysburg Art Show
10th Grade- Winner of Homecoming T-Shirt Design
11th Grade- Winner of Homecoming T- Shirt Design
12th Grade- Winner of Senior T-Shirt Award
12th Grade- VFW Patriotic Portrait Award Winner 

Ashley also created a logo with 5 studentís names going in a circle for the 5 teens killed in a fatal car accident on December 5th 2011.